Health Care

Hospital Information System (HIS)

Our HIS is based on industry-proven base system that has been in used by leading hospitals for more than 20 years. Upon this solid base, we use best-of-breed technology to help healthcare providers give the best care to patient anywhere anytime, on their mobile devices and at home.



Penta represents a family of screenless devices tailored for a variety of use cases. Penta TV is a Wi-Fi set-top box with rich multi-screen features that consolidates live broadcast TV channels, online streaming content, and multimedia file playback into one single easy-to-use platform for consumers. Multi-screen features enable users to use mobile apps to choose their favorite content for playing on TV very easily.

Penta S (a.k.a. Penta Cloud Client) is a general-purpose platform that combines the front-end capabilities of Android with the solid back-end services of GNU/Linux into one single device, allowing limitless possiblities for building any imaginable solutions not easily achievable with either Android or GNU/Linux alone. Examples include video streaming, video conference, digital signage, light-weight server, Internet-of-thing solution.

Penta Kid is an Linux-based device optimized to fully utilize the GPU/VPU of the underlying ARM CPU. The device can be used to replace desktop units for various use cases, such as web-based applications, remote-desktop thin client, etc.



Qosy is a Big Data solution that helps international call providers such as first-tier carriers, calling card operators, VoIP operators, etc. to effectively manage extremely dynamic termination networks for their international call services. The system offers an end-to-end dashboard that digest humongous amount of Call Detail Records (CDR) to provide up-to-the-minute critical information that helps management make timely decision that has high impact to their bottom line, such as changing termination routes, adjusting selling rates, increasing network capacity, etc. Learn more about Qosy

Health Care

Custom System Development

In addition to products mentioned above, we also leverage our technological capabilities to develop custom systems for clients who have specific and unique needs for their businesses. We approach custom system development the way world-renowned artists perfect the work of art for their patrons, handcrafting every facet to achieve best-in-class system tailored made to the client’s business. We target to achieve at least tenfold of client’s current performance.

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