What distinguishes Mor Corporation (The VC Group) from other companies is the breath and the depth of technical capabilities. We proudly list the following as our core competences the lead to several innovative new products and services in the area we focus on.



Embedded system

From smartphone to smart TV, embedded systems are in products all around us. Our group consists of teams with decades of combined experience in embedded system. Given a hardware platform, we can design and integrate appropriate operating system (Linux, RTOS, etc.) to power the platform and create a device that deliver required features.


Cloud computing platform

Last but not least, our team is very strong in cloud computing platform. The cloud team has a deep expertise in all levels of cloud computing platform, from hypervisor, middleware, management system, to applications. We utilize open source technologies such as Xen, KVM, libvirt, etc so our client get the most flexible and economical system that serves all their existing and future needs. We have the expertise to advise on the use of public cloud, and to design and develop private cloud for your enterprise.


Application development

The basics of all software systems. We have an experienced team for each of the major area of application development.

1. Web-based application – Application running on browser is easy to maintain and are suitable for data-driven application which requires no native capabilities.

2. Mobile application – Enterprise which plan to use smartphone or tablet in their operations can leverage our expertise in mobile application on major mobile platform, including iOS and Android.

3. Cross-platform application – For PC application requiring native capabilities such as local file access, interface with peripheral devices, real-time communications, etc., our team is equipped with expertise to develop applications for all platforms, i.e. Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux with a single code base for all three platforms.


Real-time data processing

Everyday, the volume of data in the world and in your business grows exponentially. To make sense of all the data and to convert it to meaningful information, insights, and knowledge requires the capabilities to process such gargantuan volume of data in real time. Our team has extensive experience in designing and developing system that can handle millions of records of data and perform analysis for real-time decision making. We make use of state-of-the-art data processing technologies such as data warehousing, MapReduce algorithm (Hadoop), parallel computing, etc.


Multimedia and Video streaming

Our team has extensive experience in multimedia system and video streaming. We have the capability to create end-to-end system to deliver high-quality multimedia and video in a variety of usages, both inside and outside the premise. Examples of systems we have the capability to design and develop includes on-premise advertisement and billboard systems, Internet TV set top boxes, self-service photo and video capture systems, etc.


Real-time communications

PBX, IVR, Video conference used to be in the realm of pricey proprietary vendors. With the advent of several open source projects such as Asterisk, freeSWITCH, real-time communications systems can now be developed at a fraction of costs and with an open standard that free you from vendor lock-in. We have a very strong team with in-depth expertise and experience in designing and developing real-time communications for all imaginable features.

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