Aspen Clouds Server is cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that allows you to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure (No set up costs). You can deploy and scale your full control servers in minutes. Our powerful web-based control panel let you adjust resources like RAM, Virtual Processors, storage disk size of the Cloud Server on demand.


Traditional IT need to invest a lot of set up costs such as purchasing hardware, software, licensing, bandwidth, server infrastructure, maintenance cost, etc. Therefore total cost to business will expand and unpredictable to serve an unlimited of IT resources demand.

This problem is solved by Aspen Clouds Solution. we helps businesses to save the set up costs at the initial stage of investment. Therefore businesses don’t worry about it and they can focus on some high priority and serious business concern.


Our services provides all components to serve basic user requirement via user interface friendly.

Aspen Clouds Structure


Cloud Service Planning

Aspen propose a standard plan (Plan A, Plan B, Plan C) with the lowest price serve unpredictable demand of users. Nevertheless we provide the optional for adding more resource as user need and pay per used. Aspen is the best answer for unpredictable.

Aspen Clouds

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