Proactive Monitoring Solution for VoIP Network


The Qosy solution addresses the need of service providers to manage the dynamic trade-offs between service quality and costs that are inherent in VoIP Network based services and yet critical to customer satisfaction and profitability of the service

Qosy offers integrated high-level diagnostic information and recommendations based on proven experience-based heuristics on top of a layered set of warehoused data, at all level of details for further investigation

How does Qosy work?

Qosy will received raw CDR (Call Detail Record) from VoIP network equipment such as softswitch, VoIP gateway, etc. then Qosy will analyze QoS indicators from CDR such as ASR, ACD, PDD, Call Attempt, etc. and provide a monitoring screen, alert you when some problem event occurs. It help you to manage QoS and solve a problem before customer knows. Furthermore, Qosy can help you to save a cost, time and make customer satisfaction.


  • Provides real time processing and enables live network monitoring to you.
  • Supports to analyze and process many CDRs format.
  • Detects, alerts and solves the problems before customer and increases their satisfaction.
  • Defines authorization for business, technical and management.
  • Gets the summary report in graph template and customizes it as you want.
  • No hardware cost and maintenance cost.

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More Info

Plans & Pricing

Starter Edition

0€ per year
    • Free Setup
    • 10GB Storage
    • 100GB Bandwith
    • 5 Products
    • Basic Stats
    • Basic Customization

Gold Edition

3000 THB per month
    • Free Setup
    • 20GB Storage
    • 200GB Bandwith
    • 25 Products
    • Basic Stats
    • Basic Customization

Platinum Edition

29$ per month
    • Free Setup
    • 40GB Storage
    • 500GB Bandwith
    • 100 Products
    • Complex Stats
    • Complex Customization

Diamond Edition

49$ month
    • Free Setup
    • 100GB Storage
    • 1000GB Bandwith
    • Unlimited Products
    • Complex Stats
    • Complex Customization

Features Summary

These are some enterprise feature from Qosy, but are not limit to

Features Description
Real time monitoring Qosy enables you to monitor your live network
Customize report Sort report by your interest topics including trunk in, trunk out, partner, country, and more.
Event & alert Customs your event and trigger to alert possible problems and fix them.
Graph report Presents your report with pie chart, bar chart and line chart.
Quality measurement Measures your network quality by these parameters including PDD, ASR, NSR, ACD and etc.
Measures including Cost and Revenue
Module authorization Grants your technical, marketing and management to access their information.
User authentication Prevents unauthorized user to access system and information by authentication.
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