BlueBox provides enterprise PBX features for team, department or company and easy to installation and scalability. BlueBox decrease your hardware and maintenance cost. It easy to manage it by clicking. Start to increases internal communication performance and reduces your cost from traditional PBX system.


  • No installation cost, pay only you use.
  • No required space for telephony hardware.
  • Quick and easy to scale your PBX system.
  • No maintenance cost.

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Plans & Pricing

Starter Edition

0€ per year
    • Free Setup
    • 10GB Storage
    • 100GB Bandwith
    • 5 Products
    • Basic Stats
    • Basic Customization

Gold Edition

3000 THB per month
    • Free Setup
    • 20GB Storage
    • 200GB Bandwith
    • 25 Products
    • Basic Stats
    • Basic Customization

Platinum Edition

29$ per month
    • Free Setup
    • 40GB Storage
    • 500GB Bandwith
    • 100 Products
    • Complex Stats
    • Complex Customization

Diamond Edition

49$ month
    • Free Setup
    • 100GB Storage
    • 1000GB Bandwith
    • Unlimited Products
    • Complex Stats
    • Complex Customization

Features Summary

These are some enterprise feature from BlueBox, but are not limit to

Features Description
SIP Phone Support System and Hard-phone is conformable and compatible with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).
Call Transferring System is capable to transfers calls between internal extensions.
Call Pickup System is capable to allow someone to answer someone else’s call in the internal extensions group.
CDR Record System is capable to records incoming and outgoing Call Detail Record (CDR) in CSV format file.
Call Conference System is capable to allow more than one internal extension listens and response call.
Call Holding System is capable to allow putting a caller on hold while a second call is answered or made.
Voice Mail System is capable to allow callers to leave voice messages for internal users. Also, allows internal users to retrieve and manage any messages left by callers.
Call Forward System is capable to allow redirecting incoming call to another internal extension.
Call Recording System is capable to records voice while conversation is making.
Call Parking System is capable to allow holding a call from one phone set and continuing the conversation from any other phone set.
Music on Hold (WAV/MP3) System is capable to play recorded music to caller while caller is on holding.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System is capable to allow caller interacting with system through recorded voice and keypad (DTMF) inputs.
Web-based Admin Panel System provides the web-based system administration.

Frequently Ask Questions

A: Yes, you need some configuration to connect your head office number and BlueBox.
A: You can use adapter with your existing phone or buy IP phone. However, you may lose many PBX features from traditional phone and we recommend IP phone for using Cloud PBX.
A: No, You pay only service payment for each month.
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