Foxconn Technology Group (Headquartered in Taipei)


Foxconn is the largest contract manufacturer in the world. Its most well known manufactured products include Apple’s iPod, iPhone, and iPad, Amazon’s kindle, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360. Besides such new revolutionary products, Foxconn also manufactures most of computers in use throughout the world, including Personal Computers, Notebooks, Servers, etc. Foxconn is the largest private employer and the largest exporter in China. Currently, the company has more than one million employees throughout the world. Foxconn, through its subsidiary Power-all Networks, invests in a joint venture with Venture Catalyst to create breakthrough technologies for its next-generation products and platforms.


Power-All Networks


Power-all Networks is a leading cloud-computing company based in Hong Kong, China, and Silicon Valley (Fremont, CA). The company partners with IDCs throughout the world to provide public cloud service “Aspen”. With a revenue sharing model, the company invests in Hardware and Software and relies on IDC partners to provide facilities and marketing. The model makes it easy for IDCs to quickly generates revenue from cloud services without having to develop all technologies themselves. Power-all Networks and Venture Catalyst have a joint venture in Thailand ”Power-all Venture” that focuses on creating next-generation technologies such as embedded system, cloud computing platforms, multimedia technology, etc.

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